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Some things fill your heart without trying

We are the Premiere Bernedoodle Breeder in the Pacific Northwest

Located in Eugene, Oregon 



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adoption process


Hello LK Families and potential LK Families!


If you want to know more about the Waitlist Process, watch this video

Our waitlist procedures go as follows



A family inquires via our submission form located on this website.


THOROUGHLY READ THROUGH OUR WEBSITE, including our informational page, pricing page, and our contract.


In your submission, you MUST INCLUDE information about your home environment, daily schedule, how much research you have done on this cross/breed, especially their grooming needs, as well as, children and other pets in your home, and what you plan to do with your potential new family member while you are away from your home.



Fill out the top personal information completely and legibly knowing this is the information we will use to register your puppy's microchip number.


Then fill out the information regarding generation, size and gender preferred. 

Sign all areas except the very last spot that goes over you picking up your puppy in person.


Scan the contract to our email lk.kennel@yahoo.com



Place EITHER a reservation fee or a PIF (Paid in Full).


The $500 reservation fee (reservation fee is NON-refundable) is to be added to our waitlist.


If a reservation fee is placed, the balance is due when you choose your puppy.

We do not accept PayPal or Venmo. WE DO ACCEPT Zelle, Apple Pay, Cash App, or Square (which charges a 3% fee for the convenience of using a credit card).


Please see the pricing page for differences between a reservation and a PIF (with a discount).


Placing a PIF doesn't move you ahead of people on our waitlist nor does it give you any priority over other families.



THE HARDEST PART...WAITING...and watching for updates.


We will notify YOU when it's YOUR turn for choosing your puppy. We send out an email letting you know that choosing will begin, including details of the litter. You need to respond as needed and do so promptly. Check the pictures and videos of the litter you might choose from and have your top three picked out. When we contact you directly via text or call, offering you a choice, you have 2 hours to make your decision. We understand a family's excitement for their potential new family member, so as soon as there are updates to be had, we will send our announcements as posts on our Instagram and Facebook pages.


The LK team will go through our waitlist when puppies are available of a certain size and generation to the families on that same size and generation waitlist. You may not be on multiple lists.


If you want to know more about the Waitlist Process, watch this video.


We will post birth announcements to our Instagram page.


To view instant photos and videos you MUST follow our Instagram.



Moving forward we will be taking Sundays off completely to enjoy our families and give ourselves a bit of a break.


We thank you so much for enjoying our journey ad watching us in our day to day adventures and our pups!


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