Flight Nannies

Flight Nanny Process

After you've chosen your puppy, if your family is seeking a flight nanny, you must let Shanice know which dates you'll be available around the time when your puppy is scheduled to come. 

We will need to know:


  • Best day for pickup: Weekday or weekend? 

  • Flight arrival preference: Morning, afternoon or evening? 

  • Which large airport is closest to you? (we can fly into most large airports and periodically smaller airports depending).


Flight schedules are based on the nannies' availability.

We do our very best to work with your schedule but flexibility is a must. 


All nannies fly STANDBY. 


This means they only get a seat if there is one open. If the flight gets filled they get bumped to the next flight. Again, being flexible is key. 

We will start a group text between you, ourselves, and the nanny the day prior to the flight so that you may have direct communication and we both can receive updates along the way. We look at seats/availability and will update you if anything needs to be adjusted to the schedule. 

Payment is due the day prior to the flight. Payment goes directly to your flight nanny and not to us, they are a separate entity. Most take CashApp or Zelle. 


Flight prices are as follows:

Seattle -$350

West Coast -$500

MidWest - $600

East Coast - $700

This is a flat fee, there is no additional cost on top...UNLESS the flight nanny has to stay overnight (requiring a hotel) or if you’re late picking up your puppy and they are forced to take a later flight due to your tardiness. 

There is a $100 late fee if either of these situations occur.


Most nannies have to directly go back through security to make their connecting flight home.


If you are late and they can't get back through security they will turn back around with the puppy, at your expense.

No refunds will be given.


If they can catch a later flight due to your tardiness we will impose the $100 late fee. There is not always a later flight to catch, this is a last case scenario. Most nannies work their normal job the next day and can't be delayed coming home. 

If you are not flexible and need a flight nanny to fly confirmed, it would be the cost to the nanny plus the additional ticket cost to fly confirmed. 


You must meet the nanny at the airport. Being on time and prompt is a must. Leaving time for traffic or any other events is your responsibility. Imagine you are leaving on vacation and need to show up to the airport ahead of schedule to catch your flight. 

Please show our nannies respect by not being late. 

Once you meet up, the nannies will hand you your puppy and the puppy's go-home bag. They will also take a photo of you with your new addition.