lk puppy preschool

Bernedoodle Puppy looking up

LK Bernedoodles offers extended puppy training to learn manners, basic commands, the beginning stages of potty training, kennel training, and different levels of outside stimulation.


The level of training depends on the length of time that the puppy is in schooling with us.


We require a minimum of 4 weeks for a puppy to stay one on one with a trainer. 


8 - 12 Weeks

During these first four weeks between the ages of 8 weeks and 12 weeks puppies will learn:

  • Bite inhibition

  • off

  • sit 

  • come

  • down 

  • kennel 


They will also be maintaining a nighttime schedule of 10 pm to 6 am sleeping in the kennel and maintain a schedule Potty routine that will be outlined prior to the puppies placement. 


12 - 16 Weeks

If puppies stay and continue on to puppy kindergarten 12 weeks to 16 weeks of age, puppies will learn:

  • heel

  • leash manners 

  • stay 


And should be mastering:

  • sit

  • come

  • down 


All while continuing their potty and kennel training schedules.


A potty signal will be implemented (I.e. ringing a doorbell, sitting by the door, or using a doggie door)


Extensive training after the puppies 16 weeks of age is to continue on a custom training course.


All puppies in extended training continue to receive age-appropriate vaccines, dewormer, and veterinary care, and puppy food cost is also covered in extended training.  



Puppies must be registered for insurance prior to leaving at 8 weeks of age.

  • $1,800 (4weeks)  (If puppy goes off property then comes back for training, it is  $2,250 per 4 weeks)

  • $3,600 (8weeks) - puppy will leave fully vaccinated except Rabies

  • $5,600 (12weeks) - puppy will additionally have experience in public places during training sessions

To follow your puppy through its journey in training- each trainer is assigned an Instagram account and required to maintain regular videos and photos of your puppy in training doing the tasks listed above to the best of their ability.


Any and all questions related to training are to be sent to us at

Trainers will not respond to direct messages via Instagram


Training fees are non-refundable 


Please print, sign and scan the training contract below.

Send it to